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Hi there! I’m Mandy, perpetual messy bun wearer and cinnamon roll addict. I’m passionate about helping myself and others learn how to live mindfully with a kind eye for life and others. There is magic in the art of the home kitchen. We all desire to nourish ourselves and those we love. Sometimes that means a fast meal on our way out the door. Sometimes it means spending a slow Saturday simmering and kneading, enjoying each others company or the anticipation of dinner guests. Sometimes that means crying over a batch of burnt buns or rejoicing over a technique conquered. Cooking is a true form of art. It reflects discipline, patience, failure, anger, sorrow, and redemption. It tells stories of weather, necessity, and family. There is no other place so appropriate as the home kitchen to tell stories of love, loss, happiness, and sorrow. These are my stories. Welcome to my kitchen.