Any Citrus Sparkling Lemonade

any citrus sparkling lemonade refreshing summer drinks and cocktails

That moment. The one when you step through the door and suddenly have no bearing. Goosebumps erupt. A burst of cool air hits your skin. You fumble. Momentarily lost in this dark cave that once was the entryway. Your eyes adjust and your mind changes. Will be having lunch inside today.

Any citrus sparkling lemonade is the perfect drink for refreshing on those hot, hot summer days. And here in MN, this June has been ripe with them. 90’s plus for over a week. I took the opportunity to squeeze every fresh citrus in the house and call it lunch because, let’s face it, eating is just a chore when it’s this hot out. But this drink is a pleasure. It’s puckery but sweet. And the bubbles from sparkling mineral water keep the juice from feeling heavy on the palate.

how to make sparkling lemonade recipe

Any combination of citrus juices will do for this lemonade. You’ll want 32 oz of it or about 4 cups. For this batch, I used 8 oz grapefruit juice, 8 oz mandarin orange juice, 16 oz lemon juice. The mandarins added such a sweet burst! Because you may have different quantities of juices, feel free to adjust the amount of simple syrup per batch. You may want more, for example, with mostly lemon juice. Or you may want less if you used Meyer lemons. An ounce or two of mezcal could be nice also…

Any Citrus Sparkling Lemonade

Serves 6 8oz servings

Skill: beginner

Flavor profile: sour, sweet, refreshing


  • 32 oz citrus juice, freshly squeezed and strained (about 4 cups)
  • 2 oz simple syrup (about 1/4 cup)
  • 14 oz sparkling mineral water


  1. Add the citrus juices and simple syrup to a large serving pitcher and stir to combine.
  2. Pour in the sparkling water.
  3. Pour lemonade over ice and garnish with lemon peel to serve.

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