5 morning hacks for a positive productive mindset.

5 morning hacks for a positive productive mindset.

First, let’s reflect. How do your mornings feel? Chaotic? Busy? Rushed? How would you like your mornings to feel? Wholehearted living looks different for all of us. We have our own desires, goals, and intentions but it’s probably safe to say we could all use more positivity and peace in our life. We also want to make big and bold things happen. Matching the two up on a weekday may seem like an impossibility, but there are a few things we can do to bring mindfulness and peace back into our morning routine without going rogue on our routine. Here are 5 morning hacks for a positive productive mindset.

1. Have a glass of water.

When I start my day with a glass of water I’m more likely to keep hydrating throughout the day. I can’t say the same when I start with coffee. Use a carafe set by your bedside to quench thirst at night and sip while making the bed.

2. Journal.

Journaling works equally well to clear the mind and to jumpstart creativity. There’s no right or wrong way to journal. Just write down whatever you feel or want to write about.

3. Avoid the news.

And maybe your phone. Social media, newspapers, radio, podcasts, tv, all of these forms of media have a way of quickly stealing our focus from us. Instead of scrolling right away try reading a book. The Bible, self-help, business and even fiction can be great in the morning.

4. Use meditation to set the tone you want.

Meditation is the process of deliberately focusing on specific thoughts. Whether it’s gratitude, joyfulness, courage, or productivity try some avant-garde mantras to take this process out of your head and onto your lips. Try saying  “today I will” and follow it up with your intention. I.e. “Today I will practice the art of joyfulness. I will not let the day’s trouble or stress rob me of knowing that today is a good day.” You can do this as a practice on its own, with yoga, while sipping your morning elixir, or while sitting down to breakfast!

5. Eat a real breakfast.

Or at least sit down to eat whatever you’re having. This is one of the most self-grounding practices you can try. It firmly says I am worth my own time. Even if that time is only five minutes.

Want more? I’ve put together a free ebook guide to positive productive slow living morning routines. Click the link below for more great ideas!

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5 morning hacks for a positive productive mindset. Slow living morning routine



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