Citrus Yogurt Bowl

Citrus yogurt bowl with kumquats and almonds.
immune boosting winter citrus yogurt breakfast bowl

We keep fresh produce and fruit easily accessible in a large bowl on the counter year-round. This time of year it’s stacked full with varieties of oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and when I can find them Kumquats whose peel is thin and sweet with very little pith. We like to slice and serve them with Greek yogurt for a protein-packed vitamin boosted citrus yogurt bowl. Adding a bit of light raw honey and some roasted almonds give just the right salty-sweet balance to this bowl. Among other well-known benefits, raw honey tends to hold more nuanced floral qualities than pasteurized. A good quality maple syrup can be a great substitute for raw honey.

Citrus Yogurt Bowl

1/2 cup good quality greek yogurt

2-3 fresh kumquats, quartered

1 tablespoon honey-roasted slivered almonds

1-2 teaspoons raw honey

Spoon yogurt into a bowl and top with the quartered kumquats and almonds. drizzle with honey to finish.


Kumquats can be hard to find. Here are some ideas for recipe variations.

Grapefruit, roasted macadamia, dark maple syrup or honey.

Blood orange, roasted pistachio, light raw honey.


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