Roasted Tomato Caprese for winter brunching

Roasted tomato caprese
Healthy brunch ideas: Roasted tomato caprese
A fresh tomato
Mozzarella, salt, heat, pop!
Slathered on my toast.

Fresh tomatoes make a winter cameo in our house often in the form of juicy gems on the vine and roasting them with shallots in olive oil gives them a sauce-like quality that is both healthy and comforting. I added a bit of low moisture mozzarella as a bit of a fluke. There was just a bit left so why not see what happens? The result was this wonderful tomato caprese-meets- deconstructed pizza. You could add basil if that’s really what you’re going for. In this recipe place the mozzarella in the pan after adding the olive oil to keep it from sticking.

Roasted Tomato Caprese

Serves 4-6

9 oz cherry tomatoes on the vine

1 small shallot, sliced thin

2-3 oz low moisture mozzarella, torn into rough chunks

handful fresh thyme

olive oil

Salt & black pepper


Herbed compound butter, optional

Preheat the oven to 450f. Place the tomatoes, shallot, and thyme into a 9×13 roasting pan. Add enough olive oil to covet the bottom of the pan and add the mozzarella on top, placing it around some of the tomatoes. Add a generous grind of salt and black pepper.

Bake until the tomatoes are popping and the mozzarella is melted, bubbly, and crisp around the edges. Serve hot with toast, compound butter, and if you’re making it a breakfast affair, add a few fried eggs and avocado.

winter brunch of fried eggs, seasoned avocado, roasted tomatoes, and toast.
Roasted tomato caprese
seasoned avocado slices with toast and compound butter
healthy winter brunch ideas: Roasted tomato caprese, seasoned avocados, And fried eggs
roast tomatoes with herbs and olive oil
roast tomatoes with herbs and olive oil

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